Common Signs of Depression

What are common symptoms of depression?

Just like mania can have a range of symptoms (& degrees of severity), depression can have different presentations.

Here are some common symptoms of depression, from the mild form to the severe form.


🔹 Blue, down –> severe sadness
🔹 Not in mood to socialize –> lack of interest in usual activities
🔹 More quickly to blame self –> excessive & inappropriate guilt
🔹 Clothes fit looser –> significant weight loss
🔹 Ruminating at bed time; falling asleep takes a little longer –> insomnia
🔹 Feeling as if moving slowly; not mentally sharp –> psychomotor retardation
🔹 Wish pain would go away; thoughts of running away; pessimistic –> suicidal; not caring if died
🔹 Self-doubt; some self-criticism –> feelings of worthlessness

I’ve experienced many on this list…


What about you? Have you experienced these symptoms?


Is this list missing key symptoms (other than possible weight GAIN rather than weight loss; hypersomnia rather than INsomnia)?


Let me know! 💕
📖: Table 6.2: Common Symptoms of Depression, modified table from p. 131, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Bipolar Disorder 2nd Edition, by Basco & Rush

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