Signs of Hypomania



I made an infographic to illustrate some of the signs of hypomania, a type of episode of bipolar disorder!


The symptoms of hypomania are similar to those of mania — elevated mood, inflated self-esteem, decreased need for sleep, etc. — except that they don’t significantly impact a person’s daily function and never include any psychotic symptoms.


A hypomanic episode is not a psychiatric disorder or diagnosis in itself, but rather is a description of a part of a condition called bipolar II disorder.


Hypomanic episodes have the same symptoms as manic episodes with two important differences: the mood usually isn’t severe enough to cause problems with the person working or socializing with others (e.g., they don’t have to take time off work during the episode), or to require hospitalization; and there are never any psychotic features present during the episode.


While once thought to be a less severe form of bipolar disorder, bipolar II disorder (with hypomanic episodes) is now recognized that it can be just as debilitating and difficult to live with as bipolar I disorder (with manic episodes).

Steve Bressert, Ph.D. on PsychCentral

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