Hi! It’s time to introduce myself!


I’m Anja (pronounced On-yah).

Yes, like Anya from Anatasia.




Image result for anastasia gif



I juggle a few different roles:


Research Volunteer (Suicide Prevention Lab)

WordPress Blogger (Obviously)

Social Media Manager (The Support Network)

The Mighty Contributor

Vlogger and Writer for Other Sites (BP MagazineYahooOdyssey)

Occasional Podcast Guest (Beyond Your PastMind of Her OwnVoices for Change 2.0)

Victim Advocate





Quick Facts:


Hometown: Greenville, North Carolina (GO PIRATES!)

Academics: B.S. in Psych & B.A. in Biology from UNC-Chapel Hill

Current Location: Alabama

Top Interests: Mood Disorders, Anxiety, Suicide Prevention

Goals: Start open, honest conversations about mental health and mental illness. Fight stigma through education and storytelling.

Favorite Mental Health Awareness Things to Wear: #TherapyIsCool tote, Mental Health Pins, and my Starry Night skirt!




Want to collab? Let me know!

I look forward to hearing from you!








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