Common Signs of Mania

What are the common signs of mania? While there are many symptoms which are listed in official bipolar disorder [manic episode] criteria lists (e.g., decreased sleep, increase in goal-oriented activities, engaging in risky behaviors), there are SO many ways in which bipolar disorder can present itself!


Below, I simplified a list of symptoms (going from mild –> moderate –> severe version of the manic symptoms).


Given that mania can range from mild (hypomania) to severe (even psychotic), it makes sense to look at symptoms not only as a list, but on a scale, from the mild version to the more extreme version.






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What do you think? Do you relate to these symptoms? Do you disagree with some parts of this list? Let me know your thoughts!



SOURCE: 📖 Modified version of Table 6.1 p. 130, “Common Symptoms of Mania” from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Bipolar Disorder 2nd Edition, by: Monica R. Basco & A. John Rush

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