Go ahead. Call me “dramatic”…

I used to be very in control of my emotions.

I was not hypersensitive or overly dramatic.


But, bipolar disorder has destroyed my ability to be on top of my emotions at all times.


The littlest of things, a small criticism or a minor comment, can make it feel like my friendship is doomed or my entire world is falling apart. One exam is enough to give me an anxiety attack, cause a full-blown meltdown over the stress of that one test.

I wish I could just ‘let it go’ or be calm and relaxed… but I can’t.

My emotional brain center is on overdrive, causing me to act “dramatic”, emotional and impulsive. I don’t realize just how damaging my words or actions are until it is often too late, past the point of no return.


My anxiety and depression feed off of one another, then mania comes into play and turns my reality into a soap opera…


So, I am sorry that I am “dramatic”.

I’m a work in progress…

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