Suicide & Court Trials

Lately, the news has been covering a story about a depressed and anxious teen who killed himself. He was constantly pushed to do so by his girlfriend, who was seeking out that opportunity in order to have the attention.

It surprises me just how sick people can be.

The text messages between the two have been released. They seem to show a boy who is scared to live and even more scared to die. The girlfriend pushes time and time again for him to end his own life. At NO point does she reach out to help him. Rather, she openly encourages his suicidal ideation and tries to get him to take action.

Now, her life could be ruined… because she helped him take his own life.

No, she didn’t hold a gun to his head, but what she did wasn’t much better.

People who are severely depressed or mentally ill need SUPPORT. They need love and care. They don’t need someone to support the dark depressive thoughts that haunt them constantly.

I wish this boy could have gotten the help he needed. I wish that he could have seen this as a hard stage of his life and not an indication that his future would be just as bleak. I wish that he could have grown up to live the life he dreamed of, with a beautiful family, career and house. Now, he will never get the chance.




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