Calm down, racing brain. Calm. Down.

Approaches to attempt to “calm down”, stop the excessive thoughts and fixation…

  • listen to music and really focus on the instruments and the lyrics
  • art therapy i.e. art coloring book for relaxation
  • “dance it out”
  • go for a run
  • paint on a canvas
  • cook or bake something for the very first time- work on those culinary art skills of yours
  • draw something complex which takes intense focus and concentration i.e. realistic human figures with many details/shadowing, etc.
  • decorate the apartment i.e. for Christmas
  • get around to that Christmas shopping… finally…
  • walk around Crate & Barrel and create your dream list of home items and furniture sets 😉
  • think of an incredibly thoughtful gift for someone i.e. cookbook with marked recipes that you know your mom will love
  • explore a new city or store or restaurant… distract yourself
  • talk to friends and get engaged in “normal” everyday behavior i.e. going to the movies
  • treat yourself i.e. YoPo frozen yogurt, Starbucks Peppermint Mocha



  • try to keep all the overwhelming emotions to yourself… that may just lead to an intense emotional breakdown
  • focus on what isn’t important right here and now… focus instead on self-care and stress-management
  • act as if everything is perfectly fine, when it is not… those who love you will help you through it and be understanding of your situation
  • view your “mental illness” as a weakness… embrace your strengths and how they can help you excel in life rather than drag you down
  • believe the mental health stigma/misconceptions of the media and society in general…

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