To Those Who Think Psychiatrists are Unnecessary,

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Dear individuals who think psychiatrists are unnecessary,

Stating that there is a simple, non-medical treatment option for mental illnesses makes it appear that you are not taking the conditions seriously. You can’t just dance the symptoms away, or make them disappear by going to a yoga class or a church. These are mental ILLNESSES and should be taken seriously. While exercise or social support networks can aid recovery, they are not a CURE for mood disorders. There is no known cure. There are medications and therapies which can help with one’s symptoms. The significance that such medical options can play in one’s life should not be downplayed.

If you say something like “just go outside!” when I tell you about my depression, it makes it seem like you are not recognizing the severity of my mental health issue. It’s not just a case of the “blues”… it is much more. Bipolar disorder is more than just  swings. The medication prevents the mood extremes from defining my life. This stops the progression of the illness, stops it before my life becomes ruled by daily swings and psychotic mixed states. I need the pills more than you know, so don’t say things that makes it seem like seeing a psychiatrist is not needed. I would love it if mental illnesses could be cured by something as simple as sunshine or a hug, but it is not that simple.


Someone thankful for her psychiatrist


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