COVID-19 & Bipolar Disorder

Important things to remember:


1. Routine matters! I know it can feel like Earth is on pause. However, having some sort of routine is necessary. Get sleep; eat regularly. I know: easier said than done! However, irregular sleep can trigger episodes!

2. Remember your treatment, whether that is meds, therapy, healthy lifestyle (e.g, exercise), some combo, etc. It can be easy to forget when everything feels off!

3. Try not to obsess over the news. Yes, the news is bad. It won’t help to constantly watch! Very anxiety-inducing! Instead of constantly refreshing Twitter, take in your news from RELIABLE RESOURCES (CDC, WHO). You don’t need to watch 24/7!

4. Get outside (not near people, obviously). Fresh air can be really helpful!

5. Stay connected to people! Others can be very helpful in detecting when something is “off,” like when “red flags” of an episode are showing up (e.g, rapid/pressured speech, grandiosity).

6. I know that this period can be triggering for many. Take care of yourself! Reach out to friends/family, provider, therapist, etc. This is a hard time for everyone! Those with mental illness such as bipolar disorder may struggle with their mental health now more than usual!

7. If you do not do mood tracking, this may be a good time to look into it!

8. Coping mechanisms can be so helpful! Look up things like progressive muscle relaxation, health apps (e.g., Calm), meditation, etc.

9. Need a distraction? There are free online classes, like Coursera! There are also free exercise classes, such as yoga on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

10. There are a lot of people pushing themselves to reach unrealistic goals during this time. It is okay to take a break! This IS a really stressful time! Take time to take care of your mental health!


What other important things do you suggest? Let me know! #WorldBipolarDay


Bonus tip: Stop panic-buying toilet paper!

5 thoughts on “COVID-19 & Bipolar Disorder

  1. Love the tips. I have bipolar disorder, and I am really struggling because my routine has changed. I am also trying not to fall into bad habits… I’ve noticed I’m not exercising enough, eating as healthily, or sleeping enough. So important.

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  2. Thanks for sharing! I think sleep is key with bipolar and having a schedule is extremely helpful! I relate to a lot of this post! Self-care and reaching out to others is so important! Stay safe & healthy!


  3. Love these tips and so many of them are relevant to people with other mental health conditions too. Sharing this post! hope it reaches someone it can help. Thank you so much for putting this together!!!!!

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