Last month, I was really excited to come across mental health-related trending hashtags on Twitter! When I saw #DepressionFeelsLike trending, I decided to tweet about it as well. I was surprised by just how many people resonated with the tweets!





In fact, my tweet was even the core of an article on Yahoo! Super exciting!


Quick notes in response to comments:

  1. Everyone’s experiences are different! Just because I say something and it doesn’t personally resonate with you doesn’t mean it is “wrong.” The symptoms of depression are sometimes polar opposites (insomnia vs hypersomnia; overeating vs not eating; feeling way too much vs feeling numb), so experiences vary a TON. No 2 depressive episodes are identical.
  2. Sharing mental health awareness content is not “attention-seeking.” The negativity is uncalled for. People deserve to have the space to share their experiences without getting called names, being bullied, etc.
  3. Depression is not fake. It is a real illness.
  4. Please do not give medical advice regarding psychiatry (e.g., “Don’t take pills! You don’t need them!”) because that can be incredibly dangerous.
  5. Many people require the help of mental health professionals. That’s okay! No need to shame people for going to doctor appointments or therapy!


I would love for other mental illnesses to get more attention as well! Depression and anxiety are often discussed, while other illness (e.g., ones featuring psychosis) are left out of the conversation.

Let’s do better in 2020!


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