“Smiling” Bipolar Disorder

“How are you doing?”

Great! And how are you?


The daily dialogue we have hundreds of times over the course of our lives is set up exclusively for specific, optimistic responses. You are: good, great, fantastic, wonderful, doing well, simply splendid.


There is no room for the ugly truth.


This isn’t seen as the time to open up a heavy conversation about how hard it has been to get out of bed because of bipolar depression. It isn’t the opportunity to confess that the smile on your face is not real. This dialogue isn’t a door to an honest, open conversation about how depressive thoughts and anxiety tore you apart last night while the world was fast asleep.


This is what it is like to live with “smiling” bipolar disorder.



To read more, check out the article on The Mighty HERE!



I’d love to read your thoughts & comments!

What does “smiling” bipolar disorder or depression mean to you?


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