“For me, depression can take on various forms.

One version is just feeling INCREDIBLY EMPTY, like a shell of my former self. I am stripped of; passion for anything, ability to function, my personality, ability to smile and laugh, love for life… everything.

Another version is an agitated, anxious depression. I have difficulty sleeping and all of my time awake is spent with my mind consumed in an anxious downward spiral; everything is bad and is my fault, the future will be terrible, I am worthless and useless, I can’t do anything.

It’s like either being a complete zombie (who can’t feel, think, or function) or being an anxiety-filled train wreck that is consumed by the negative, depressive thoughts and feelings (e.g., extreme guilt, hopelessness) at every waking moment.”


This was my response to #ForMeDepressionIs, a hashtag started by “The Uncustomary Housewife,” Elizabeth Banks. Check out her blog post on the hashtag & share your own experiences! Just this past week, those in the mental health community have seen just how prevalent stigma is… By opening up about our experiences with mental illness, we can fight the stigma, one post at a time!


Let’s talk.

Let’s share.

Let’s make a difference.



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