“Stay Strong; Love Endlessly; Change Lives”

TW: Post discusses suicide and depression.





This tweet provides insight into how depression manipulates the view of whomever is in its dark grip.



Depression fixates on the past and eliminates the ability to see a bright future.

Depression strips the world of love, beauty, and joy.

Depression manipulates wonderful, talented people into thinking they are worthless.

Depression convinces people that they deserve the guilt, pain, isolation, and hopelessness they feel.

Depression robs families, friends, significant others, and entire communities of beautiful humans.



This tweet is haunting.

This tweet was written a mere 3 days before Project Semicolon founder, Amy Bleuel, died by suicide at the age of 31.

Anyone, even a founder of a mental health nonprofit for suicide prevention, can be overwhelmed by suicidal thoughts, depression, and hopelessness.



If you find yourself struggling, you are not alone.

Please do not keep this to yourself. Seek help immediately.

Below, there are several resources listed, including the Project Suicide page & the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.




Stay Strong; Love Endlessly; Change Lives.


If you can stay strong,

you can love endlessly.


If you can love endlessly,

you can change lives.


Make your mark;

Start a conversation.

-Amy Bleuel





Want to learn more about Project Semicolon & Amy’s story?

Having Suicidal Thoughts?

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Call 1-800-273-8255

Concerned about Someone?

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