Instagram: Hiding Mental Health Content?

Yesterday, I played around with Instagram mental health-related tags since this social media platform has a new campaign for Mental Health Awareness Month.



I’ve found that tags which get warning/hidden posts message on Instagram include:











Who else has experienced this issue?

What other related tags have this message or hidden posts?

How can Instagram be promoting a campaign for openness about mental health while at the same time blocking so much of the content?


Who has a say in the mental health conversation and who doesn’t…?

2 thoughts on “Instagram: Hiding Mental Health Content?

  1. Wow, that’s ridiculous. That’s not just them going over the top trying to protect people from graphic suicide/self-harm related content, that’s completely shutting down the mental health conversation. So not okay.

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    1. It’s confusing! They literally have a campaign with AFSP this month, one which includes being open about mental health… yet the Instagram tags prevent people from seeing mental health content? That makes no sense!

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