Journey Along with Me, Mental Health Warrior

Since opening up publicly about my own mental health journey, many others have messaged me (some publicly i.e. tweets, others privately) about their own struggles, symptoms, and feelings of isolation. Most of these people are ones which I have never met in real life- the online mental health community is such a cool thing! Others are ones who I’ve met yet barely know. Then, there are ones which I have not contacted in years who I’m surprised to learn even read my blog, much less relate to having poor mental health. I’ve even gained insight into people I’ve been close to for years, such as the “social butterfly” with incredibly well hidden social anxiety. I’ve learned so much… and I hope that I can use that knowledge to help others accept their conditions!



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I’ve met people in all stages of their mental health journeys…


One man is currently in the process of being diagnosed by a professional.

One girl has just gone through the overwhelming experience of getting a diagnosis and not knowing if her current academic and career goals are feasible anymore.

One woman has been diagnosed with multiple disorders but hides them all so well from everyone around her.

One man with crippling depression isolates himself in a poor attempt to isolate the pain.

One boy has struggled with suicidality for years but refuses to acknowledge he has a problem.

One girl realizes she is in a manic state from her interactions with me… and gets help.



Regardless of where you are in your journey, it can be challenging.


There can be times during which the illness can be so strong, that who you are beyond your illness seems to be lost.

There can be times during which the illness leads to self-destructive behaviors, leading to broken hearts, ruined friendships, and terminated careers.

There can be times during which one of the biggest limitations you face is your own stigma- the limits you have set on yourself based on what society thinks of you.



Whether you have not been diagnosed yet or have been diagnosed for decades, I hope you can find hope and remain strong.


Stay strong, mental health warriors.





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