Collab: Project “I Define Me”

I came across this Instagram campaign/project a few weeks ago. I instantly contacted the person behind the project. How can I get involved?! This is so cool! This project allows people to put a face to mental illness conditions, to help normalize and destigmatize such labels i.e. bipolar disorder. Yesterday, I got my shirt in the mail, took the picture, and the post got published! Check out the page… the stories are really neat, and more keep getting added! 🙂



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While many people assume that mental illness can bring nothing beneficial to one's life, I manage to see it positively! I am not defined by my Bipolar Disorder, but my mental health advocacy and passion for writing would not exist without it. I absolutely love reading about mental illness, whether the author is experiencing mood episodes (like myself) or some symptoms which I have not experienced. Through my own experiences and the stories I have heard from others, I am driven to educate the public on mental illnesses and stigma through blogging, photography, and art. I hope to expand to new platforms soon, including podcasts and vlogging! -Anja (Bipolar Disorder, Type 1) . . . . . #thisiswhatmentalillnesslookslike #mentalhealth #mentalillness #mentalhealthmonth #stigmafree #i #define #me #idefineme #photoproject #movement #nostigma #bravery #strength #stories #people #redefine #reclaim #passion #bipolar #therapy #art #blogger #vlog

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