#TheRealityofDepressionIs on Twitter

@ShutUpAmanda, who has been creating Twitter mental health hashtags for the past 3 years, started #TheRealityofDepressionIs following the recent suicides and flood of news/posts/tweets on suicide and depression. Amanda has dealt with depression for years and wanted to kick off a conversation!


Below, I share ten tweets using the hashtag:


What do you think of the hashtag? Does it help others gain insight into depression? Does it create a community of online support? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “#TheRealityofDepressionIs on Twitter

  1. Well, other than letting other people know how depressed people feel, it also help people who are suffering in silence and does not know what is happening with them. When realizing that many people are going through the same and sharing their feelings it really helps alot, because one of the worst things is to feel that there is something wrong but you dont know what it is,and you cant explain it to others around you, and even if you did they will think it is a normal thing that happens to everyone!

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