“There is one thing I like about mania…”

How many illnesses can be seen in a positive light by its patients?

How many have symptoms that make the “sick” willingly give up their meds time after time?

This is one reason that bipolar disorder is so fascinating to me. Medication non-adherence may not be that big of an issue with other illnesses, but for one in which meds can take away the euphoric “highs”, it is clear why the issues persists…


It was not until I first experienced mania at the age of around 21 that I felt confidence and I cannot tell you how good it felt. Not only did I feel on top of the world, but I felt confident in my appearance, I felt confident when I spoke, and I felt confident in who I was as a person.

via There is one thing I like about mania

I definitely related to this blog post on hypomania. Check it out!


Hypomanic you doesn’t need a pep talk to do the dishes, hop in the shower, or return phone calls. She doesn’t hesitate. She says yes to invitations. She gets invitations. She goes places. She wears pretty clothes. She’s magnetic and she knows it. Probably the thing I like best about hypomanic me is that other people like her, which is a bit of a problem… -LW on bp

This is an article about someone who misses her the hypomanic state… also relatable as someone who has experienced hypomania. It is very interesting that an illness can be so alluring at times!

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