What does anxiety look like? Signs & Symptoms

Generalized anxiety disorder.jpg


The term “anxiety” gets thrown around a lot in everyday conversations. “I’m super anxious.” “I have SO much anxiety.” “I’m about to have a panic attack. I’m freaking out.” Most of the time, it is used in a joking way, not at all related to a clinical level of anxiety [such as that seen in anxiety disorders].

To illustrate what anxiety truly is, I created an infographic for generalized anxiety disorder, characterized by severe on-going anxiety that interferes with daily activities.

3 thoughts on “What does anxiety look like? Signs & Symptoms

  1. It’s so true that people throw around the word ‘anxiety’ a lot, without referring to clinical anxiety. It happens with a lot of mental illnesses, like depression, OCD, schizophrenia (the latter more in reference to someone else).
    It’s a shame, because it can take away the feeling of being understood for people who suffer with these illnesses.
    Great graphic by the way, it lines up with my own experiences with GAD.

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