May is Mental Health Month!


NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) came up with a Cure Stigma campaign to highlight the ways in which stigma can have a major impact on the public view of mental health. There is a short 3 question quiz to help identify if you are affected by stigma, followed by a detailed explanation of the correct quiz responses.


Image result for #curestigma


Some things to keep in mind (beyond Mental Health Month):

  • “See the person, not the condition.”
  • “Use respectful language to talk about mental health conditions.”
  • “Learn as much as possible about mental health and your family member’s condition.”


Use this month to challenge yourself to become a better mental health advocate, whether it is in a small way (i.e. a #CureStigma tweet) or a bigger way (i.e. educating yourself on the impact of stigma). To change the way those with mental illnesses are viewed, we have to start with stigma and our own misconceptions around mental health.


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