40 Firsts as a Carolina Student

For many college students, their years as an undergraduate student are filled with many firsts, from academics to relationships. It is a time to explore different classes, pathways, friend groups, and organizations. As a graduating senior, I made a list of some firsts I had as an UNC student:

1. First true exposure to dorm life…

2. …and dorm showers (which are much too short for someone who is nearly six feet tall)

3. …and being one of eight girls sharing one bathroom

4. …and sharing a teeny room with a roommate, one that functions as your bedroom, living room, office, and kitchen


5. First Spanish class actually taught in Spanish

6. First final grade below an “A”

7. First time going to a football game in Carolina blue (and yelling “TAR! HEELS!” instead of “PURPLE! GOLD!”)

UNC Football

8. First time actually getting excited for the basketball season

Basketball at UNC

9. First time being in a class without knowing any other students’ name

10. First time buying overpriced textbooks

11. First time being in a full panic over trying to get into classes

12. First time celebrating Halloween on Franklin Street

Halloween at UNC

13. First time spending hours in the chem lab

14. First time questioning my academic and career path

15. First time drinking excessive amounts of coffee

16. First time downloading Tinder

17. First terrible date

18. First wonderful date

19. First time celebrating Holi

Holi Moli

20. First time singing “Hark The Sound”

21. First time singing “Hark The Sound” and actually knowing all of the words

22. First time being judged based on my major(s)

23. First time starting a blog (for a class)

24. First time blogging for fun

25. First time tripping on the bricks

26. First time I doubted my ability to graduate

27. First time binging on Netflix to avoid responsibilities

28. First time not feeling like a top student, or even “average”

29. First time seeing the beautiful campus turning into a Winter Wonderland

Carolina and Snow

30. First time surviving exam season

31. First time having multiple final exams within 24 hours

32. First time choreographing a group dance

33. First time actually really loving the material I was learning

34. First time going to a club in Chapel Hill

90s night

35. First time going to a club in my hometown (and feeling like it’s an awkward, drunken high school reunion)

36. First time publishing an article

37. First time going to a job interview

38. First time starting a grad school application

39. First time seeing the incoming students the thinking they look SO YOUNG

40. First time wearing a Carolina blue graduation gown

Kendall Bagley Photography: Graduation Picture
Since starting college, I’ve had a lot of “firsts”, but I know that college will allow me to have many more. I cannot wait to graduate and see what’s next!

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