What Is Drug Addiction?

What is addiction?

The Inner Workings

You have heard it a 100 times, is addiction a real disease? Medically speaking it is. But I am not in the business of trying to decipher whether it’s an actual disease or a moral failing or to try to convince you one way or the other.

Your hearing it on the news, you’re seeing it at your local super market, you may even have a family member suffering. But what is it? No, it’s not the physical addiction, which is what is always described as drug addiction. When you see me at a stoplight, you look over and I’m jamming to my favorite music, I come across pretty normal. If you saw me at your local super market buying groceries, you wouldn’t give me a second look. The furthest thing from your mind would be that I have faded scars in the crevice of my arms from shooting dope…

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