Today was the TEDxUNC conference at UNC-Chapel Hill. I love this day. It is a day of inspirational messages, moving meaningful speeches… real thought-provoking kind of messages being conveyed.

The very last talk of the day was given by an UNC professor, Dr. Brian Hogan on a very surprising topic: his mental health. This is a beloved, humorous, happy professor who is coming out as depressed, anxious and suicidal. It surprised me, hearing these words coming from this individual in particular who appears to be living the perfect life.

It goes to show that anyone can struggle with their mental health. Depression can nearly take the life of anyone. We need to end the stigma around mental illness, so that people can get treatment before it is too late, like it nearly was for Dr. Hogan. Depression is a monster which resides in one’s head and can be fatal. Suicidal ideation is a taboo subject, yet having open conversations about suicide is essential to its prevention! I am so happy that individuals such as Dr. Hogan are speaking up about suicide and depression, two such important topics which too often get overlooked or ignored.


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