Hypomania in 900 Words


“Hypomania has many faces.

Most of the words below came from patients who experienced it.



Thoughts move like a  ping-pong ball



Cleaning the house all night

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Strong desire to reconnect with old friends or lovers

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Interest shifts from one thing to another, can’t finish anything

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More puns or play on words

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Easily overstimulated


Seductive or flirtatious as if playing a role

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Tired and wired at the same time

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Buying things with pleasure

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Engaging in lots of new pursuits


No verbal filter- blurt things out

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Heightened sensations: colors are brighter, sounds are louder



Acute sense of humor or irony


Spending too much money

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Intense romantic life

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Full of plans and projects

Never met a stranger

Disregard for authority


Dramatic or high-fashion clothing

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Frequently changing lovers


Feeling people stare or laugh at you

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Not bound by everyday social etiquette


Like to be the center of attention

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High curiosity, interested in everything and everybody

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Driving recklessly or speeding

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Over-commit: Could not say “no” to opportunities, even with no time to do them

Felt particularly strong and invulnerable, resistant to illnesses and accidents

Doing things to excess


Very assertive

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Enjoy your work more


Sudden travel plans

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When your daily routines are disrupted, you get irritable or have trouble functioning


A slightly paranoid feeling, feeling that comments are directed at you

Image result for paranoia gif


So many thoughts and ideas all at once that it’s hard to express them


Other were attracted to your confidence, energy and enthusiasm

Image result for confident gif


So noisy, for example, with music or TV, that others complained


Very impatient

Image result for impatient gif


Other thought you were irresponsible



Image result for overreact gif


Puns or word play


Warm, extroverted and social

Image result for extrovert gif


People can’t keep up with you

Hearing things, even just your name being called

Emotionally expressive


Emotions shift rapidly from happy to sad

Image result for mood swing gif


Making foolish business or major life decisions


Tended to break rules or the law a little

Image result for break law gif


Self-assured, charismatic, a natural leader



Image result for restless gif


Suddenly changing hair styles, color, or other fashions

Image result for hair gif


Greater mental clarity


Taking risks easily

Image result for risks gif


Seeing things, such as shadows or bugs


Collecting, buying multiples of the same thing

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Enjoy dangerous, risky, challenging or emotionally intense activities

Easily distracted


Frequently changed jobs, homes, friends, hobbies

Image result for jobs gif




Feeling overly certain about your own ideas

Image result for ideas gif


More interested in sex


Do things more quickly and easily

Image result for fast gif


Stubborn, one-track mind

See connections in things others miss


Exhausting or irritating to others

Image result for annoying gif


Mistrusting the intentions of others

More optimistic



Image result for hostile gif


Vigorous, much livelier than usual, and fully of energy


Felt really good about how you looked

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Can’t think before you act


Unusually high self-esteem, feelings of superiority, or unrealistic ideas that you had amazing abilities, talents, knowledge or powers

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Multiple trains of thought, like you can carry on a conversation while another track is writing a short story


Intense enjoyment or appreciation of artistic works

Image result for art gif


Overly carefree

Felt you could make decisions for others because you knew their thoughts, intentions, or wishes


More fluent with words

Image result for words gif


You went for days without sleeping or with much less sleep than usual but didn’t feel tired

Image result for sleep gif


Overly talkative, spoke rapidly, and loudly

Image result for talkative gif


Sped up inside


Easily caught up in addictive things, like gambling, sweets, porn, drugs

Image result for gambling gif


If, for some reason, you get much less sleep than normal for you, you found that you actually had more energy rather than less the next day

Image result for sleep gif


Interrupting others

Mystical experiences or visions

Driven to do something but don’t know what to do


Giving lots of presents

Image result for presents gif


A lot of activity makes it hard for you to wind down and sleep at night

The smallest thing makes you very enthusiastic


Self-assured, feeling you are incapable of making mistakes, and indifferent to criticism

Image result for criticism gif



Image result for perfectionist gif


Felt like you had extrasensory perception (ESP)

Time moves quickly


Made very important decisions (such as selling or buying a house or car, or changing jobs) quickly

Related image


Vivid tastes and smells


An irresistible urge to communicate by phone, letters, emails or texts

Image result for texting gif


Drawn to bright colors or red hues


The life of the party

Image result for party gif


You often see humor where others miss it

A sense of oneness with things


Gravitate toward colorful clothing

Image result for colorful clothing gif


Ideas came and went with unusual ease


Urges to self-medicate, to calm your nerves



Ending relationships suddenly

Particularly sensitive to shapes, forms, and harmony in nature

Spent a lot of time on social, political or religious causes


Vindictive, a need to even the score

Image result for projects gif


Leaving big tips


More physically active

Image result for exercise gif


Did the opposite of what people wanted you to do or played the devil’s advocate


Artistic and creative

Image result for creative art gif


Crying and laughing at the same time

Image result for crying laughing gif


Unusually spiritual or mystical


Binging on food


Critical or sarcastic

Usually argumentative


Felt you were mentally very sharp, brilliant, and clever

Image result for sarcastic gif


Mood and energy heightened in the spring


Musical, rhyming, or dancing a lot

Image result for dance gif


Irritable at small things


A lot of daydreaming, fantasy

Image result for daydreaming gif


Decorating or reorganizing the house a lot

Great difficulty seeing others’ points of view


Felt unappreciated because others did not understand or share your optimistic or imaginative ideas

Image result for optimistic gif


Your mood, energy, interest and efficiency improved if you were in a regular routine

Thoughts jump from topic to topic

Wanting to decorate your body with tattoos, piercings, or make-up


Inappropriate jokes”

Image result for that's what she said gif



Source: “Bipolar, Not So Much” Appendix B

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