Tactics Against Self-Harm


Take a very hot or very cold shower


Image result for shower gif



Squeeze an ice cube until it hurts


Related image



Go for a vigorous run or swim


Image result for swim gif



Lift weights


Image result for weights gif


Go outside and pull weeds


Image result for gardening gif



Tense your muscles for 3 seconds, then release (one muscle at a time)-

The mental health app Pacifica can help you with progressive muscle relaxation by talking you through it! & it’s free! 🙂


Image result for relax gif




Use body paint in place of self-cutting


Image result for paint gif




Clean out something that needs heavy scrubbing


Image result for cleaning gif




Put on loud music (or soothing music)


Image result for music gif




Pour school glue on your skin, let it dry, and slowly peel it off


Image result for glue gif




Bite a hot pepper, lemon peel, wasabi, or fresh ginger


Image result for hot pepper gif




Source: “Bipolar, Not So Much”

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