Because it’s a PHOBIA, Y’ALL


So, I may or may not have a SLIGHT needle/blood phobia.

Which becomes problematic when your doctor insists upon regular blood testing due to your medication…




So, to solve one problem (manic-depressive disorder), I have to deal with another (blood phobia)?




Related image


It’s not my fault… I think.

I just happen to pass out every single dang time they try to prick me.

One nurse even thought I was having a seizure.

It’s a problem.


Image result for blood phobia meme


Then, when you wake up, they have to start AGAIN because you passed out and fell to the floor.

And you wish that they could have just taken your blood while you were out.

It’d really save you all the trouble.

But, alas, that’s not how it works.


Image result for scared cats gif


Then, I got anti-anxiety meds so that I could take a test without passing out (hopefully).

So, I could come into the office rather than run out.

And, it worked.



Image result for happy cats gif


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