Pretty, Pretty Princess [Diaries]




Hello there,

I am a mess.




Most definitely NOT princess material…

Not. One. Bit.




I now get easily frustrated…

ALL of the time…

which makes it really hard to get along with people.



I’m trying to find a balance

and to “find myself”

but it can be overwhelming,



TOO, TOO MUCH at times.



I am TRYING to make a difference.

Is it working??

I sincerely hope so…



Maybe just ONE person will read this and not feel alone,

and that will be enough.

If I can make ONE person feel better, I have already achieved my goal. πŸ™‚



So, life is pretty freaking hard right now

and I am attempting to maintain my ‘sanity’,

so to speak…

and to still be myself,

whatever that is…

or a better person.

It is just so very, very frustrating,

this becoming an adult business

and mental health issues…

the whole she-bang.



Maybe, just maybe,

this has some purpose…

the dark times make the happier ones THAT much better,

the struggles lead to a brighter future…


Hey, maybe I’ll even get a prince out of this…

It’s worth a shot. πŸ˜‰

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