In the Shoes of a “Maniac”… or “Mad Genius”, if you will.

They crave distractions. Any, really.

Some are good or ‘socially acceptable’:








always busy, always improving, always learning.


Because ‘boredom’ intensifies depression,

so they CRAVE knowledge.



So, at times they may appear…


what others deem “crazy”…

sorry you ain’t on this ‘mad genius’ level…

jealous? Thought so. 😉


So, some experiments are kinda odd & throw people off guard.

Social experiments…

testing people out,

testing ourselves out…

through various means…


This, in a bad turn,

could easily transition into alcoholism or substance abuse…

which is why Sherlock Holmes is probably depicted often

as an addict, especially during his depressive episodes

in which he has no work or cases,

no feeling of purpose to his life.


He DEPENDS on Watson during these dark times the most.

He NEEDS someone to take care of him,

to watch out for him,

to love him unconditionally.

Watson acts as more than just a ‘supportive role’,

because Sherlock NEEDS him in his life

to take him out of his depressive states

& connect him to the outside world

so that he can be a productive member of society.


Everybody could use help sometimes. Sherlock Holmes could as well.


He is not a BAD person… mostly misunderstood.


Maybe overly emotional… just sometimes…


or ‘too’ direct, even offensive…


or hurtful, unintentionally…


But, he will CALL YA OUT ON IT,

so brace yourself.


In fact, he doesn’t miss much,

so he may call you out on EVERYTHING HE SEES.


Good luck dealing with a brilliant manic individual.


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