Mental Illness as Depicted by Mean Girls


On some days, it is rough…



Other days feel like being ON TOP OF THE WORLD.


Going back and forth between the two extremes can be exhausting.


Some days you feel like THE SHIT!!



Other days, you feel like SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIT.


Back and forth…


and back again…


You see how confusing it can be???


How confusing it must be for everyone around me?


Even scary at times…


Especially when illogical, irrational cognitive thinking distortions come into play…


It can hurt… not only me but everyone around me.

So, I’m sorry.

I don’t mean to be a “mean girl”…

I truly am working on being a better person.

Someday, I hope to achieve my goals.

It is not a destination, but a lifelong journey towards being who I want to be…


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