Elsa understands my pain… and how hard it can be to ‘let it go’…


Tell someone that they should be ashamed of themselves…



that they are monsters,

that they are sick,

that they are broken,

and eventually they will believe it…


They may even change…


& turn into someone that they cannot even recognize…


The pain is overwhelming

& isolation only makes it worse.


Then, there is the fact that sometimes “help” doesn’t HELP.

So, it’s not exactly nice to hear “you need help”

when it seems like help is nowhere to be found… 😦


The feelings can be intense, the mood swings devastating, the damage permanent…


but, there is HOPE.


HOPE for a better tomorrow.


HOPE for change in how mental health is seen around the world.


HOPE that people will not have to hide in the shadows.


HOPE that people will view themselves as beautiful,

no matter the diagnosis…


HOPE that lives will no longer be ruined

by misdiagnosis,

by wrong medications,

by relapses,

by hospitalizations…


HOPE for a life without stigma and without pain due to mental health conditions.

HOPE for a happily ever after for millions suffering from mental illnesses…

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