Bipolar Disorder as Illustrated by Grey’s Anatomy



You may look “normal”,

but you have some baggage.





Okay, more than a little…

& sometimes, you wish you COULD just be the average girl.


Not the girl with bipolar disorder or OCPD or OCD





or what appears to be practically

the entire DSM-5

all at once.





Brilliant. Grand. Simply splendid.




I’m sure THAT is what the boys are lookin’ for these days… 😉






Sometimes, hearing “it’ll get better” or other inspirational, empty sayings

is annoying and feels as if it is minimizing the pain.





It is just HARD sometimes…





Depression is not something made up in my head.





Don’t act like I just need to “get over it”…

You wouldn’t tell someone with a PHYSICAL illness just to “get over it”.





Like, “Cancer? Really? Oh, get over it!” I don’t think so!

So, stop, PLEASE.





I’m not in the mood.




Some days, depression is overwhelming.

You feel like you cannot move.





Why should you?

What good is it to even get up?

What good are YOU?




Some people will never understand

how much pain is hidden,

how much struggle there may lie behind a pretty smile.





It’s exhausting.




Mental illness is a demanding monster

that wants to consume your life:





your ability to think,

your ability to move,

your ability to move ON…




It is NOT made up.





It is REAL





Sometimes, you feel so alone.





So very, VERY alone…

that it can feel hard to breathe.




Sometimes, your support network is there…

and other times it may fail.

Be prepared for that possibility.

Be able to seek strength from within.



Luckily, I am not alone…




I have an incredibly helpful support network,

who loves me unconditionally…





Going to the “doctor” can be extremely discouraging.





Doctor after doctor disagreeing on:


best medications,

best treatment approaches…


Like, doctors, get it together, ‘mkay?




You’ll make mistakes.

You’ll have regrets.





You’ll likely hurt someone

& it is likely that they may hurt you too.





That is in the PAST.

Learn to let go.




Sometimes, people can stay in your heart

but cannot stay in your life.





Learn to distinguish between those who love who they THINK you are

& those who love you for who you REALLY are.





That can make all the difference.




Don’t let mental illness, mania, depression or whichever aspect you are dealing with,


your relationships,

your friendships,

your family,

your career,

your school life,

your ENTIRE life.





Fight it.

You’ve got this.

You will be treated differently

& called names…

but, remember,






SOME days I don’t want to talk about it…



& SOME I DO… kind of…





Please respect that…

unless I’m drowning in self-pity.




That’s not okay. Ha.





Needing help doesn’t make you weak.

Seeking out help can be the hardest part.






Doing so takes strength





AND makes you a stronger person still.






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