I didn’t ask for your “help”, thank you very much.

I don’t like the vocabulary surrounding mental illnesses.

That word for one.


How would you feel if someone told you that you have a:

personality disorder,

mood disorder,

anxiety disorder…

you get it… you would feel like you are a broken person.


Well, guess what? Apparently, I have “disorders”.

Does that make me a bad person?



Something that needs to be fixed? With meds? With therapy? Both?


If I feel fine, why do I get labeled as ill?

What if I don’t WANT to be labeled as ill??

Because of this label, now I could face discrimination.


Friends could treat me differently.

Family could watch me like an alien rather than a person they have known all along.

Potential employees could scan be out through the disability application question (not legally, but, let’s not pretend that such discrimination in nonexistent… especially when applying to government jobs).


Is my dream job now ruined due to my illness?

Would the same be said of someone who was diagnosed with cancer?


Then why ME?

Why do I get the blame and shame for my illness that you wouldn’t dare place on someone with a “physical” illness?


Why do I get the stigma,

the discrimination,

the fear,

the hate,

the judgment,

the pills to ‘fix’ me…



I’m NOT broken.



I’m a strong, beautiful person,

& I didn’t ask for your “help”…

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