The Carrie Bradshaw of Bipolar Disorder ;)

Dating tips for those “crazy bipolar” girls:

  1. Be upfront about it. Trying to hide depression & mania just turns into a HUGE mess. If (s)he doesn’t accept you as you are now, (s)he won’t when you tell her/him six months down the road, either…
  2. Don’t try to hide who you are. No one is worth that level of sacrifice.
  3. If you want to be “crazy”, BE crazy. Be fun. Be flirty. Be fabulous. Be YOURSELF.
  4. If you don’t want to change, don’t. That doesn’t mean that if you are a terrible person, you should not work on improving yourself. EVERYONE could become better, somehow. But, if someone is trying to change who you are at the core, you may not be the best match, honey.
  5. If your best friends don’t like him/her, that MAY be a sign. Most likely, they think the relationship is toxic somehow and only bringing you down. This is worth a DISCUSSION, not a FIGHT, so evaluate what is going on.
  6. Don’t let mania turn you into a Tinder whore. Just don’t even go there.
  7. Don’t let depression keep you from dating. You are BEAUTIFUL, even in your darkest moments.
  8. Don’t let BIPOLAR define you. You are a PERSON FIRST. You have baggage or struggles just like EVERY. ONE. ELSE. EVERYONE.
  9. Be brilliant, confident, loving, open, brave. Speak up for yourself and don’t apologize for doing it.
  10. Don’t forget Joey’s classic line: “Hey… how YOU doin’…?” šŸ˜‰


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