Humans of NY: Bipolar Disorder Depiction

Quotes gathered by Brandon Stanton in his book titled “Humans of New York: Stories”

Below is an excerpt from p. 123 of the book:



“When my sister’s having a manic episode, she thinks she has superpowers.


She’ll go outside and strip off her clothes.

She’ll develop all of these conspiracies about the government being out to get her…

and she’ll think that something she’s done has made our whole family unsafe.


Sometimes she thinks that I’m not me, but an avatar of myself, and I’ll have to do all these things to prove that it’s really me.


One time, she stole someone’s bike off the street because she thought she was in a movie and was in a race to the Statue of Liberty. Luckily someone stopped her and took her to the hospital.


It’s hard to see her like that, and it’s hard to say that there’s anything nice about it, but then again…



I can’t help but feel that she has a certain freedom that I envy when she’s having an episode.


I feel like everyone’s a little crazy and we all walk around with this armor of sanity, and she’s able to case it off completely.



I’d almost like to join her and run around the city if only she could keep it from spinning out of control.



During one of her depressive episodes, my sister laid in bed so much that she developed bed sores, so I had to bathe her.

She wasn’t eating at the time so she was all skin and bones.



The saddest part for me was how easily she accepted it.



For her whole life, she’s been so shy about anyone ever seeing her naked.




But now…


she didn’t even have the energy to care...”





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