” ‘Crazy’ runs in our family. You just try to hide it. I DON’T.”

Sometimes, the people that you think you are supposed to teach… end up teaching YOU a lesson.

My little sister is one of those special people.

She is:

  • sassy
  • sarcastic
  • brilliant
  • beautiful
  • strong
  • determined
  • blunt
  • tomboyish
  • funny
  • a bibliophile
  • goal-oriented
  • very open
  • supportive

…the best “little” sister a person could ever hope for.


Every once in a while, I may need her to tell me that I’m “crazy” and for her to say that she is “crazy” too. In fact, we are all a little “crazy”.


The only “crazy” part is trying to hide who you are.

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