“Some of us are just more of a maniac than others” -NA

I tend to analyze… then overanalyze… then just go overthinking things to the point at which the main concept or simple answer is lost in the chaos.


But… I do have a question which appears easy on the surface level, but… I might just be overthinking again…



What is normal?



My psychology classes have tried to educate me on every manner in which someone may be considered “abnormal”.

  • Intense rumination fixated on negative patterns of thinking
  • Episodes of unusual level of fixation on something, whether it be cleanliness/germ phobia or a professional goal
  • Positive symptoms such as hallucinations or delusions



But, what about if your symptoms of psychopathology lead to characteristics which are admirable in your environment?

  • Extreme intrinsic or extrinsic motivation
  • High energy
  • Fast speech
  • Numerous creative, racing thoughts
  • Highly analytical mind
  • Abnormally high IQ



When does “illness” become “genius”?


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