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My name is A. I am a student in the Psyc class. I had to take the Fall 2014 semester off due to a severe depressive episode. That episode was followed by a more brief period of what may have been hypomania or mania.


I am currently experiencing symptoms (not as severe as last time, but still present) of possible hypomania or mania right now. Examples include feeling energized after nights of 3.5 hours of sleep, racing thoughts, rapid speech, and high distractability.


My medical record lists “acute depression” as my official diagnosis


For the past few weeks, I have become increasingly fixated on this and the potential of this as a misdiagnosis, given that it does not at all address the past or current “manic” or “hypomanic” symptoms. I have done extensive personal research, both reading the DSM and research papers (i.e. on impact of SSRI on patients diagnosed with depression). For one, a misdiagnosed patient (“depressed” on record but bipolar i/ii in reality) can be pushed into a manic state through the addition of an SSRI, such as Zoloft (as I had been prescribed a year ago during my depressive state). I had suddenly stopped taking this SSRI. I did research that stated that the stoppage could lead to “anti-depressant withdrawal induced mania”.


If in fact medications were the reasoning behind said “hypomanic/manic symptoms/episode” lasting at least 2 weeks, I don’t know.


My mind currently feels as if it is in some form of analytical overdrive, working way too much.


Given my research, I have created multiple possible diagnoses, including Bipolar II and OC[P]D cormorbid with bipolar symptoms.


I have been very frustrated with the professional medical mental health treatment thus far.


In fact, in theory, the psychiatrist may have pushed me into a manic state through the prescription of Zoloft.


My concern stems from the fact that this past week, I feel as if I am either currently in some sort of hypomanic/manic state, or the stress of exams may lead to this state soon.

I have an appointment with CAPS Wednesday morning, but I really don’t know what to do or what I can do in regards to this exam.

I have not at all been capable of giving this exam material the attention that I would have in a completely normal/baseline behavior.


I just got back my exam results from another class and found that I failed the noncumulative exam.


This is much lower than the A’s I have received on the previous 2 noncumulative abnormal psych exams.


Given this and my concern regarding my current state, I am scared that I might fail this exam as well, not due to inability to study/learn the material (I have gotten A’s/B’s on the previous exams in this course), but due to my current state.


Is there any possibility whatsoever, at this point, that I could postpone this exam, not take it tomorrow morning??


At this point, I do not believe that I can perform at the best of my ability, and will likely fail this one as well.


Do you know who I could contact regarding this concern? Thank you so much for all of your help and I look forward to your response.



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